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Stay tuned for updates to the site as we expand The Murph Challenge!

Welcome to the murph challenge 2017

By registering this year, you are taking part in something that has grown into an amazing Memorial Day Tribute to a fallen American Hero. Since 2014 we have raised nearly $800,000 for the LT. Michael P. Murphy Memorial Scholarship Foundation. Our goal this year is to reach at least half that number! In order for that goal to be met, we are really going to need your help!

Be sure to encourage your family and friends to take part in this annual tradition WITH you. Get outside. Start training. Do it together, and accomplish something great! Let’s see if we can rise to the occasion once again, and make 2017 our most successful year ever!

As a registrant, you will receive one of The Murph Challenge 2017 t-shirts or tank tops, and be able to compare your times to others throughout the world. Good luck and Thank you for honoring the service, life, sacrifice, and legacy of Michael P. Murphy by participating and registering in 2017.