TOTAL RAISED: $181,242.62

What People Are Saying Athlete Stories from Past Years

I have been working with the Athletic Performance Lab in Morganton NC for a month and was introduced to this event. Could not wait to try it out, since I have lost from 360 lbs. to 273 over a year. They said we could wear the 20lb weighted vest, but I said 20lbs hell, I would be wearing a 100lb tire around my belly and if I got to tired I could just roll to the finish line. It was a great challenge and I am waiting for next year. Maybe that tire around my belly will be gone by then.

Had a rough time of it! Did little prep for this and could simply not complete the pull-ups. It’ll take some serious training for next year, but a goal I am working toward. Used this as an example to my kids to challenges themselves and that this is a great remembrance event.

It is a fun but hard challenge. If you are doing it just for the shirt you won’t give your full effort but if you are doing it on honor of Murph you actually give your full effort because your heart is behind it and you are trying to honor a great man by giving your all.. I plan on doing this workout more often and next year I plan on doing it in a vest.

My self, CPT. Tylor Bott and 1LT Brandon Shoenfeldt all wanted to contribute on Memorial Day here in Bagram, Afghanistan, so we chose to conduct Murph in honor of his sacrifice. It was tough, but well worth it! We all look foward to conducting it again very soon.

I did my challenge with kit and rig on and finished with a cold brew. I did it as a personal goal and to support my bros in harms way!
Team Ty … S&H

Finished my first Murph Challenge! Definitely one of, if not the hardest workouts I’ve ever done. Every time even a hint of quitting popped into my head, I tried thinking about the men and women we were trying to honor by completing this workout. It gave me the extra strength to push through the pain and finish. The last mile was tough after shredding my legs on the squats. Luckily a Marine who had already finished ran with me to offer encouragement and support. He took a wristband off his wrist and let me wear it. It had the name of one of his “brothers” who lost his life in Iraq. The pain I was feeling at that moment seemed trivial compared to his and Michael Murphy’s and all the other men and women’s sacrifice! How could I not give it everything I had? I felt proud to finish “Murph” and humbled by what it stands for.

LCDR Dave Werner, USN (Ret)

Memorial Day is always emotional for me and doing Murph was a good way to express my gratitude and share in the sacrifice, if only symbolically. My Rx didn’t involve a plate carrier this year, but I still suffered.

8 months pregnant. Afghanistan veteran. Thank you, Murph.

When I begun the WOD I thought I’m not be able to come to the end. But as I finished successfully I know that I can finish every WOD! It is a big honor to me to be a part of the MurphChallenge. Thank you!

Early Memorial Day morning CrossFit TBR set out to tackle this awesome workout some of us were first timers some were doing it for the 4th time etc. Some did it with their sheriff swat vest on weighted to 20 pounds.. As a community we came together and we got it done.

My experience in being able to participate in this challenge, was my first. And i must say it was an honor to do so in Memoriam of Murphy, Dietz, Axelson, and Luttrell who is still alive to tell his and their story. Its nothing special or inspiring, rather it was inspiring and warming for me to see the number of individuals who participated on the morning of Memorial Day. There was mix of civilians, active duty, and veterans such as myself, who showed up with the intent of devoting a portion of their day to something greater than the usual bbq and fun filled day that most enjoy while forgetting the real meaning behind it. I felt humbled to see them all their and couldn’t help but feel a small form of attachment to these strangers and even more fired up than i already was to tackle this workout. When the time came and my buddy, who is part owner to the CF gym we were doing this at, made a small speech about the reasons why we were all doing this WOD i knew we were all ready just looking at the faces of everyone when he had finished. I donned my flak and went to work. It was just another easy day sweating in the heat filled room with 25 other bodies sweating, pushing, and digging deep right along side me. No one person was in this endeavor alone and no one person gave up throughout it. After i had finished my revolution, i took a minute to catch my breath and rip that damn flak off. (Forgot how much i hated that damn thing) went right back outside to run with people individually to talk them up and keep them going, pushing them to finish with a better time then they would have had they continued walking. We all need that voice next to our shoulder when the going gets rough and sometimes the inner talk isn’t always feeding the proper dog of courage. I did for them. I did it for the team. I did it for the Seals, because i know they did it all for me.

It is the least i can do to honor those that have made the ultimate sacrifice

I would like to share my journey to completing The Murph Challenge this past week…

The most difficult time in my life was about three years ago. This was when my newborn daughter was diagnosed with a progressive and destructive lung disease for which there is no cure. I have felt no greater pain than as a father grasping with the realization that I cannot help my child and take this affliction from her. I struggled viciously with the coping mechanisms and seemed fixated on anger. Countless sleepless nights and spiraling depression took its toll on my daily life.

During this time, I read the book, Lone Survivor, and learned of the heroic exploits of Michael Murphy and his SEAL team. The more I read about the SEAL physical and mental training, the principles continue to inspire to me to cope and help my daughter as much as I can. At one point, I remembered a Pediatric Pulmonologist had suggested that she could improve her quality of life and lung function through rigorous physical activity as she gets older. I realized I needed to set an example to her and have adopted daily physical training and the “Never give up” mentality that I hope she will one day follow.

I have never served in the military myself, but see Michael Murphy and others like him as an inspiration. Their sacrifices and dedication cannot be praised enough. In America today, far to much attention is given to celebrities who overwhelmingly seem to only contribute to our moral decline. I am honored to have participated in my first Murph Challenge. I hope to someday run it with my daughter, Alexis.

I am 11 years old and first did this workout with my mom in 2012 after she got back from deployment in Afghanistan. She only let me do 1/2 of the reps then and I did it in 47 minutes and something. I liked running back then but didn’t really know what CrossFit was. Now I go to CrossFit kids and run so I did the whole murph, just used a band for the pull-ups. I finished almost 10 minutes ahead of my mom, but it’s not a competition it’s a challenge and I know what that means. My mom took care of a lot of soldiers when she was in Afghanistan and she said that some of them have work outs named after them to honor them and they call them hero WODs. Those are the best kind of WODs. I think all the soldiers who have been to Afghanistan are hero’s. Murph must have been really strong and it was cool to be able to honor him with a work out. One day I will do it with a vest on and no band, as long as my mom continues to do CrossFit with me.

Emotional experience overall. Anxious to not do the challenge justice that it deserved. Our host, CrossFit Unbreakable did an outstanding job & made it great. Had the honor to complete the challenge with servicemen & women which made it even more amazing.

I had a blast doing this wod on Memorial day!!! thank you to all the men and women that gave their life for us to live free.

Completed it here in Afghanistan. Couldn’t have asked for better competition or location. Unforgettable experience.

HATE IT!! But love doing every year. Small token of respect to a warrior

Had ACL reconstruction 7 weeks ago…thus needed about 15 more mins to finish this year. No vest. Physical Therapist said not to do it, but was not about to sit this one out.

Before I was introduced to CrossFit, my fellow coworker whom is a CrossFitter was talking about a WOD called the murph saying he was going to try it for the first time and ask me of I wanted to join. Not knowing what I was getting into I said okay why not!! So we did it that after noon and I quit about half way through the workout. After words I researched about the WOD murph and whom it was about.. I was very disappointed in myself.. Not for doing the WOD but for quitting.. Taking the easy way out. So the next day I did the workout again and finished! Ever since then I’ve been hooked on CrossFit not only for the health, workouts, and community but for the way they support our troops and veterans whom are deployed and the ones who sacrificed for are freedom! Till this day each time I do a WOD and think about quitting, the fallen Hero’s come to my mind!!

I always dread the Murph. It just sort of kicks your butt before you start. And yet, despite the nervous stomach, the self-doubt, and that dread, I realize that the Murph is all about finishing. It is integrity. It is perseverance. It is self-discipline. No matter how long it takes, who finishes before you, how your hands hurt, or how swollen your quads are, you will continue until you are finished, thanking Crossfit and Lt. Murphy for helping you realize your strength.

I did the Murph for the first time this year with my son. I’m an Army vet and my son is a USMC vet. It was an awesome time for us to do something really meaningful together where we shared some sweat and pain, but it was so sweet! We completed the Murph at the high school where I teach, and it was awesome to explain to some of my students I saw on the field what we were doing and why. This is now going to become a family tradition for us!!!!

I served in the Marine Corps Infantry as a line Corpsman in 3rd squad 1st platoon Fox company 2nd battalion 3rd Marines. In 2009 I was deployed to Afghanistan where I lost many of my brothers. on memorial day each year since I allow myself to be morn,to look at old pictures, think about my brothers and what sacrifices they made (although in reality I think about them ever day) one of the traditions I have that I hold most dear is completing ”Murph”. For the past 2 years I have done “Murph” on memorial day. I love it, I love it not because it is fun but because it is terrible. Every time I have ever done “Murph” there is always that point where I question whether or not I can continue, and that is why I do it. when I am in that deep dark place where everything hurts and I seriously wonder if I can continue I have reach the point I have been waiting a year to get to. In that moment I think about Lt Michael Murphy, I think of my first squad leader Sgt Jay Hoskins, I think of my fellow Corpsman Anthony Garcia. I think about the families that they left behind, the sacrifices those families made. The children who are lucky enough to have these heroes blood running through their veins, but at the same time they never get to see their father again and in some cases never even had the chance to meet their fathers. when all these thoughts are running through my head I have one question I ask myself, am I living a life that honers them? would they be proud of who I am today? I know if I quit the answer would be no, so I push through and I feel closer to my brothers because of it. last year I had a excellent time of 42 min RX and I know for a fact that the only way I could get that time was because of my thought process and feeling close to my brothers through that pain. this year I did Murph alone in my gym I hung pictures up of my brothers I had lost, their family that no longer has these great men in their life any more. Although my time was much slower then last year (I was extremely sick) I had the same emotional response I had in the past and because I was alone in my garage I allowed myself to really get emotional at the end. I am so grateful for these amazing men, I am thankful to have known some and others like Mike Murphy I am honored to have served in the same military as him I am honored to be of the same country as him. I hope everyone finds what they are looking for when they do Memorial day Murph.

It was such a humbling experience to complete the challenge. I felt accomplishment like I had never felt before, that pales in comparison to all the sacrifices and struggles our Military men and women, like Murph, selflessly distributed for our freedom. It was an honor to complete the challenge and to remember a fallen hero.

A brutal wod on a hot humid day , but doing it in honor of a fallen hero and with huge support from everyone at the gym doing it that day helped me get through. R.I.P. Murphy

Nothing inspiring about my story, just am thankful to people like Michael Murphy who gave their lives for my freedoms and the ability to do a workout. It is an honor and a privilege to do something in their owner so we will not forget their sacrifice.

This is my 4th year of taking part in the Murph Challenge, so proud to represent a great cause!

I started out CrossFit 50 pounds overweight . I did The Murph Challenge last year , and it took me a little over 2 hours. By working out for a year consistently and watching what I ate I lost 45 pounds and cut my time down 45 minutes!~ I have an amazing support system and I am so thankful to of completed this challenge again. I do this in honor of my dad MSGT, USAF Rick Roskelly who passed away October 4th 2011, he was a cancer survivor for 9 and 1/2 years @ Moffit Cancer Center.

~In Gods Amazing Grace~
Melanie Roskelly

A week after graduation of High School I found myself in Ft. Benning, GA going through Infantry training for US Army; Active Duty. I deployed to Iraq from 2005-2006. My CrossFit journey started when I was preparing for SFAS and a friend of mine who came off Q-Course informed me about CrossFit and how it would benefit me, I have not looked back since. CrossFit has helped me cope with my PTSD. It has helped fill a void after I left the military and given me a sense of self worth, as well as a goal to work towards. I saw the Murphy Challenge 2014 and wanted to test myself as well as give back to my military brothers.

Scaled: No vest, banded pull-ups and still probably the slowest time on the planet (81:35), but I finished. My first time to do Murph and it was very challenging. I’m glad I did it. Great opportunity to donate to a great cause and it is the very least I could do to pay just a little honor to Lt. Murphy and others who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in service of our country.

This is my 4th year doing Murph on Memorial day. It has become a yearly tradition at our fire station as a way to celebrate all the members of Operation Redwing & all fallen or combat injured US soldiers for their sacrifice. From: Tucson Fire Station 8 “The House of Love”

I was so proud to have my kids tackle the MURPH with me this year. My 9 year old daughter and 11 year old son worked their butts off. My boy did the full workout, my daughter did the best she could but wasn’t able to do all the pull-ups. The Murph Challenge has grown beyond a workout or donation. It’s making people take a closer look in the mirror, bettering themselves, pausing before complaining, working a big harder and realizing the importance of dedications and perseverance. True and pure leadership is not common. Michael was the epitome of a selfless leader and along with those few that share his same passion and dedication…we owe so much. But more importantly, we need to learn from them and be inspired by them so that we retain the old school American values that made this country great. Michael spirit is now touching peoples lives in a big way and this event will continue to grow even bigger.

It was an amazing experience and great workout!

My Dad passed away in July 2012. He was retired Army and the military was a huge part of his life. I thought what better way to honor his memory than to do a WOD in memory of the ultimate sacrifice of another. I knew he was looking down and proud of what I was doing. Murph was probably the hardest thing I have ever done. I also suffer from Systematic Lupus and as I expected, I’m still recovering as my body does tolerate things as well as others. It’s 2 days later – I am exhausted, my joints hurt, my hands are ripped and I can’t put my arms over my head from all those push ups, but I would do it again tomorrow. It is no comparison to the sacrifice our military makes everyday.

I am so proud to have been part of such an incredible event, but even more so with my fellow athletes at CrossFit Garden City.

This year I complete my 4th Murph, 3rd official. I started with my roommate in AIT who originally told me the workout. It was not until after I returned from my first deployment that I looked up the story of Lt Michael Murphy. His story inspired my to start doing the WOD Rx’d, I knew every minute of pain was worth it because I was honoring all fallen heroes every time I gritted my teeth and pumped out one more rep. Each year our group grows a little bigger in support of each other and the Murph Challenge, this year we reached 10 hoping to keep that number growing every year.

Every time I do this and feel like crap, I think of Lt. Murphy an his ability to plow through and suck it up. I can only wish to have the drive he had.

I first started doing ‘Murph’ about 3 years ago when I got into CrossFit. I remembered reading about Michael Murphy and his death in the local NY newspapers back in 2005. I was inspired by his life, accomplishments, and sacrifice. So I was excited to learn about this workout, one of his favorites, and jumped at the opportunity and challenge to complete it on that Memorial Day. Since then, I do it several times a year alone, with friends or family. I try to tell others about the workout and share his story to honor him. This Memorial Day, I decided to do it in my body armor. I got the full experience and it was well worth the pain to honor the man and others like him that have made the ultimate sacrifice for our nation.

New York City

The elements were challenging, but I remembered how my uncles served this country while their families were being held in camps because of being of Japanese decent.

Im 55 yrs old fell on the trail run with the 20 lb vest bruised my left hand pretty good .First thought I’m not going to be able to finish the workout…I figured if these military people could do what they could for us i can finish it for them

I did it twice an hour apart, to honor not only Murph but all fallen soldiers!